American sea-going healer caught between countries and accusations, 1795.
Mystery of Imperial Romanov family treasures . . . in Nazi Germany
Stories of European women in the Second World War, inspired by what should have been fairy tales.
Optimistic stories about new beginnings.
Stories about why the Wild West was fun by Catherine Albina & Marilyn M Schulz.
COMING SOON: Murder and suspense on Long Island, 1920s.
International operative tries to prove that suicide was murder (guardian angel).
COMING SOON: Corporate intrigue bleeds to international conspiracy (avenging angel).
COMING SOON: Daughter of a archangel and a demoness called upon to save mankind from themselves.
Quirky tales of mystery, suspense and ghosts.
COMING SOON: Paranormal mystery in rural scenery meets government conspiracy.
COMING SOON: Paranormal mystery in some history of the Aleutian Islands.
COMING SOON: Pilot downed in hostile territory is rescued by unlikely allies.
COMING SOON: Seeking adventure and needing redemption in the Wild West.
COMING SOON: Well-intentioned young woman searches for gold mine meant for someone else.
COMING SOON: Mary Magdalene's flight to Southern France and after. . .
COMING SOON: Crusaders and witches in Medieval France, 1243.
COMING SOON: Paranormal mystery reaching back to past lives.
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