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Historical Mystery & Suspense
COMING SOON: A British woman who restores furniture broken from the Blitz finds messages . . . in tuffets.
COMING SOON: A youne Polish woman tries to save cultural treasures from Nazi looters.
COMING SOON: Recollections of a nun after finding the charred pages of a song she used to know.
Historical Adventure & Suspense
American sea-going healer caught between countries and accusations, 1795.
COMING SOON: Persecution of the Cathars in medieval France and a final stand at Mont Segur.
COMING SOON: Caribbean beginnings to the family fortunes.
COMING SOON: An unintentional adventure in the deserts of northern Africa in Victorian times.
Adventures in the American Wild West
Raised in China in a missionary camp, Grace tries to make a home in Arizona.
COMING SOON: Left a map to a gold mine, a young women has good intentions, but . . .
COMING SOON: A rider of some skill is caught in the Civil War in ways she didn't intend.
COMING SOON: After her father is shunned, a young Amish woman is taken by natives on their way West.
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Paranormal Mystery & Suspense (Ghosts)
Quirky tales of mystery & romantic suspense, some with ghosts—friend and foe.
COMING SOON: Serial about a woman's search for things missing in place and time.
COMING SOON: Murder and suspense on Long Island, 1920s.
COMING SOON: Serial of an unexpected inheritance opens up the past.
Romantic Mystery & Suspense
Kerry took the job in rural Montana to save her husband's life. It didn't work.
COMING SOON: What happens when he returns after leaving her at the alter twenty years ago . . .
COMING SOON: A society marriage for money leads to solace in incredible friends.
COMING SOON:Apathy by one leads to desperation by another, but there is salvation in memories.
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Mystery & Intrigue (Angels and Demons)
COMING SOON: Murder in Seattle traces back to the childhood in Soviet Russia of a KGB operative.
COMING SOON: Corporate intrigue bleeds to international conspiracy (avenging angel).
Action & Intrigue
COMING SOON: Pilot downed in hostile territory is rescued by unlikely allies.
COMING SOON: Intel operative on the run . . . from the voices in her head.
COMING SOON: Home town girl is called on to investigate home town soldiers falsely charged with war crimes in Iraq.
COMING SOON: International conspiracy to steal Sumerian antiquities in restricted lands.
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Family-Life & Folklore in Mid-Century America
COMING SOON: Folklore mixes with fertilizer in this Victory Garden of World War Two.
COMING SOON: Family life in the time of Polio, mid-century USA, 1950s.
COMING SOON: 1930s: A new teacher finds odd events in a rural valley.
COMING SOON: Local old ladies mending broken hearts . . . nobody really believes in witches anymore.
Fantasy & Elementals (for kids of all ages)
COMING SOON: How to get home when anger dumps you into some other place and time.
COMING SOON: Life and times amongst the Elementals of Fae Normandie.
COMING SOON: The Goblin Market is where all things Magickal can be found.
Ancient Scandinavia & the Time of Dragons
COMING SOON: Tales of the Valdi, warriors and dragon souls.
COMING SOON: The Storyteller, who keeps the history of the People.
COMING SOON: Adventures to a new land the Roman Empire called Ultima Thule.
COMING SOON: Shield-maidens taking lost warrior souls to Valhalla.
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The Grace Trilogy
Historical and inspirational story of generations starting in China in the 1860s, to the Arizona Territory and the fields of Flanders during the First World War. Colloration by C. Albina & V. Millhouse
COMING SOON: The adventures of a missionary family in China, 1860s.
COMING SOON: Grace and her family leave sorrow behind on a journey to the Arizona Territory.
COMING SOON: From the new state of Arizona to the battlefields of Flanders.
The Testament series:
Same souls, different lives and times . . . Some know, some don't. Collaboration of L. C. Benedict, A. B. Cooper & R.A. Wolfe
COMING SOON: Mary Magdalene's flight to Southern France and the generations after . . .
COMING SOON: Persecution of the Cathars in medieval France and a final stand at Mt Segur.
COMING SOON: 1795, Same souls, different lives. Some know, some don't.
COMING SOON: Traditional values sacrificed on the altar of liberation for women.
Red Talkers: People of a different language.
The secrets of a Native American translator, German scientists of World War 2 and a secluded religious colony in rural Montana. Collaboration of R. Millhouse-Corey & V. Millhouse
COMING SOON: Native American history intersects with German scientists in World War 2 and an isolated religious colony.
COMING SOON: Trying to save their marriage, a young couple leaves LA for rural Montana.
COMING SOON (series): A missing sister keeps talking inside the head of her twin, who is trying to find out what happened.
COMING SOON (series): A missing sister keeps talking inside the head of her twin, who is trying to find out what happened.
Island Stories
The effects of historical events on adventurous women . . . sometimes with ghosts of the past. Collaboration of F. Lucas & V. Millhouse
COMING SOON: Stranded on a remote island with a trust fund, a beautiful best friend and a wayward husband . . . what could go wrong?
COMING SOON: Life and past times told on the winds of the Aleutian Islands.
COMING SOON: Shipwrecked and stranded on an island, haunted by ghosts of family she doesn't know.
Memoirs from Purgatory:
Intrigue remains after wars have ended, and some wars have been going on since forever. Collabortion of R. A. Wolfe & Wayne Albert
International operative tries to prove that suicide was murder (guardian angel).
COMING SOON: Survival and salvation in a war-torn land with Mary's Hands.
COMING SOON: Home town girl is called on to investigate home town soldiers falsely charged with war crimes.
COMING SOON: Corporate intrigue bleeds to international conspiracy to steal Sumerian antiquities (Seraphim).
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