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Historical Mystery & Suspense
COMING SOON: A British woman who restores furniture broken from the Blitz finds messages . . . in tuffets.
COMING SOON: A British woman who restores furniture broken from the Blitz finds messages . . . in tuffets.
COMING SOON: A youne Polish woman tries to save cultural treasures from Nazi looters.
Historical Adventure & Suspense
American sea-going healer caught between countries and accusations, 1795.
COMING SOON: Persecution of the Cathars in medieval France and a final stand at Mont Segur.
COMING SOON: Caribbean beginnings to the family fortunes.
COMING SOON: An unintentional adventure in the deserts of northern Africa in Victorian times.
Adventures in the American Wild West
Raised in China in a missionary camp, Grace tries to make a home in Arizona.
COMING SOON: Left a map to a gold mine, a young women has good intentions, but . . .
COMING SOON: A rider of some skill is caught in the Civil War in ways she didn't intend.
COMING SOON: After her father is shunned, a young Amish woman is taken by natives on their way West.
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Paranormal Mystery & Suspense (Ghosts)
Quirky tales of mystery & romantic suspense, some with ghosts—friend and foe.
COMING SOON: Serial of an unexpected inheritance opens up the past.
Romantic Mystery & Suspense
Kerry took the job in rural Montana to save her husband's life. It didn't work.
COMING SOON: What happens when he returns after leaving her at the alter twenty years ago . . .
COMING SOON: A society marriage for money leads to solace in incredible friends.
COMING SOON:Apathy by one leads to desperation by another, but there is salvation in memories.
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Mystery & Intrigue (Angels and Demons)
COMING SOON: Murder in Seattle traces back to the childhood in Soviet Russia of a KGB operative.
COMING SOON: Corporate intrigue bleeds to international conspiracy (avenging angel).
Action & Intrigue
COMING SOON: Pilot downed in hostile territory is rescued by unlikely allies.
COMING SOON: Intel operative on the run . . . from the voices in her head.
COMING SOON: Home town girl is called on to investigate home town soldiers falsely charged with war crimes in Iraq.
COMING SOON: International conspiracy to steal Sumerian antiquities in restricted lands.
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Family-Life & Folklore in Mid-Century America
COMING SOON: Folklore mixes with fertilizer in this Victory Garden of World War Two.
COMING SOON: Family life in the time of Polio, mid-century USA, 1950s.
COMING SOON: 1930s: A new teacher finds odd events in a rural valley.
COMING SOON: Local old ladies mending broken hearts . . . nobody really believes in witches anymore.
Fantasy & Elementals (for kids of all ages)
COMING SOON: How to get home when anger dumps you into some other place and time.
COMING SOON: Life and times amongst the Elementals of Fae Normandie.
COMING SOON: The Goblin Market is where all things Magickal can be found.
Ancient Scandinavia & the Time of Dragons
COMING SOON: Tales of the Valdi, warriors and dragon souls.
COMING SOON: The Storyteller, who keeps the history of the People.
COMING SOON: Adventures to a new land the Roman Empire called Ultima Thule.
COMING SOON: Shield-maidens taking lost warrior souls to Valhalla.
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All works copyrighted by Marilyn M Schulz for BertsBooks.net

These are works of fiction, some inspired by historical events, but:
The author(s) makes no claim of accuracy or reality.

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